Lotsa Pasta

[November 16-18]

Our flight didn’t leave until pretty late. So, Logan (actually some time in advance) made plans for us to take a pasta making class! (What a stand up guy!). In the morning, we walked to the Piazza Navona.


Then we walked over to another piazza to meet up with the pasta making people. We got there kind of early and had to wait for some time. This plaza has much more going on with vendors shouting and birds flying around and customers browsing.

2018-11-18 10.09.19

Eventually, all the people arrived and we were led to the place where our pasta making would happen.

The two woman teaching our group were wonderful instructors and full of energy! We were making fettucini and ravioli. The kitchen area was on a roof so it was a little chilly.

2018-11-18 11.39.142018-11-18 12.56.042018-11-18 13.04.01

Fettuccine with amatriciana sauce.

2018-11-18 13.39.002018-11-18 14.02.58


Ravioli with a ricotta and spinach filling and a butter sage sauce.2018-11-18 14.05.55

I leaned that most traditional Italian sauces only have three or four ingredients, and that there are over 600 types of pasta. After the pasta, they gave us tiny glasses of limoncello. It too all my willpower to not make a weird face while trying a sip because it did not taste good. Bleh. But the pasta was amazing and they gave us each a copy of the recipes to try at home. So obviously, I’m gonna make it at home.

Logan and I visited a few more sites after making pasta.

The Pantheon. Very impressive.


The coffers in the ceiling create an illusion effect to make the dome look higher than it is.


The Trevi Fountain. Very crowded.



Then we flew home.

A Little Bit of Italy

[November 16-18]

No rest for weary travelers! After our return from the Netherlands on Thursday, Logan and I caught a bus to the airport for our flight to Rome. It was a kind of last minute decision, but a good one.

Our flight took us over the Alps.

2018-11-16 13.52.33

We landed in the evening, found our hotel (a little grungier than expected) and went to dinner. The restaraunt, called RomAntica, was a friend recommendation. I got buccatini with amatriciana sauce and Logan got a pasta with three cheese and pepper sauce. For sure, the best pasta I’ve ever had!

2018-11-16 19.04.57

We shared an also delicious tiramisu for dessert.

And now a funny story. So two German women next to us were asking us what we were doing in Rome and other general conversation stuff. When we got our tiramisu, they asked if it was good. It was and so they each ordered one for themselves. The one woman asked if there was Rum in it (good tiramisu has rum). I said that I didn’t know but I sure tasted good. When their desserts arrived, the she bent down to sniff the bowl to see for herself. We were getting our coats on to leave. The woman looked up to say goodbye and there was a streak of coacoa powder coming out of her nose! HAHA. Her friend didn’t say anything to her until (hopefully) after we left.

Anyway. The next day was full of sight seeing. First, the Colosseum. Absolutely insane. I sat down to sketch and heard snippets of guided tours walking by. Apparently, the reason the Colosseum isn’t fully intact is because at some point in history, it was ransacked for material.


Then we walked over to Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum.


After that, we just kinda wandered around, running in to famous buildings and monuments.


A lot of the ruins were below the road because the modern city of Rome is actually build on top of the old city. I’m not really sure how that worked.


A view of Rome



In the late afternoon, we took a subway up to the Vatican. It was getting a little chilly and the light wasn’t great but I’m glad I got to see it.


We ate dinner at Melo, another friend recommendation. I got pasta again (suprise!) which was delicious but not quite as good as RomAntica.