I’m Home, By the Way

Yes, hello! It’s been some time now since I got home on December 12th. Traveling back was pretty straight forward. None of us slept on the plane. We just watched a bunch of movies. (Hidden Figures, by the way, is excellent). Anyway. Happy holidays and all that. I will be returning to my normal blog, Zoe’s College Adventure, to post for this next and final semester. That’s right! After five years, I will finally be graduating! (On time. Five years is on time for my program). It’s kind of crazy to think about.

Last week, I went down to visit Logan. We drove to D.C. so I could visit a landscape architecture office, which went quite well. Then we walked around the Mall, went in a museum and drove home. It was nice. I got a new lens for Christmas that I brought and took some pretty high-quality pics.


I have been working all winter break on grad school applications to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). It took a very long time because I had to write a statement of purpose and put together a portfolio but yesterday I finally submitted both applications!!! YAY!

If you’re wondering if I miss Germany already: I do. But I also don’t. But I also really do.

Trains and subways can take you anywhere. They are almost never on time, but it was so nice to use them for travel. I also enjoyed walking through cobblestone plazas and listening to people speaking German and non-English languages in general. Learning German (or what little I learned of German) was fun and people almost kinda actually understood what I was saying by the time the semester was over. I got to travel to so many places. That was awesome. Bonn, I decided, was a perfect city to live in for a semester. It was a city, but it wasn’t huge like Berlin or even Cologne. Tourists weren’t hogging the streets and I actually got to know the layout pretty well, despite my general lack of ability to geographically orient myself. I liked how cheap it was to buy food and how fast the cashiers at grocery stores were. However, service in the restaurants seemed extremely slow, compared to the over-eager wait staff of most American establishments. It was also frustrating not being able to really communicate with people. And smiling at strangers didn’t seem to be a practice either, which resulted in some uncomfortable glances. The food was delicious! Sausage and bread and potatoes. There were bakeries everywhere that all made fantastic bread. I definitely miss all the good bread. But it is nice to have brown sugar back. The only store in Bonn that sold brown sugar was “The English Store.” The next closest place was Aachen. I won’t miss not having access to public water fountains and free ice water in restaurants.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “I’m Home, By the Way

  1. So glad you had such a great experience getting to know Germany and to see so many other places in Europe, Zozie. Maybe we should open a German bakery and sell nothing but breads! Love, Mama

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