Thanksgiving Abroad

Yep, so it’s Thanksgiving week. The first one I’ve ever spent without my family. Good thing Us LARCHies are basically a family of our own.

The Monday after Rome, we had a tour of the Koln Cathedral. Quite impressive and big. And it would have been a more exciting tour had it been day time and not freezing and windy. We rode elevators up the side of the building and climbed up stairs to see different levels of the cathedral. No pictures allowed to be posted on the internet of the inside of the castle or during the tour so unfortunately you don’t get to see it. But here is a terrible picture I took of the outside of the cathedral before it got dark.

2018-11-19 16.42.03.jpg

On Wednesday night, Logan, Ben, Mike (another friend), and I watched Loving Vincent, the painted animation feature film that takes place after Van Gogh’s death. It was impressive and the story was quite suspenseful and interesting. It was especially cool to watch, having just been to the Van Gogh museum and actually seeing some of the paintings used for backdrops. Highly recommend watching.

Thursday, was Thanksgiving. Luckily, we didn’t go turkey-less. AIB hosted a big dinner with all the students at AIB, providing mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and green beans. We all provided side dishes and desserts.




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