Landschafts Park

Oh man, this was quite a while ago now. Like, before fall break. You can thank my laziness and spotty wifi for getting so behind on all my blog posting.

So a few weeks ago, we took a class trip to Landschafts Park in Duisburg. The area had a lot of industry (steel work and coal mining in particular) and the vestiges of these activities were left to rust. Landschafts park took the industrial structures of a steel plant and turned it into a large park. We learned about these post-industrial parks in school so it was really cool to visit and play in one. In the morning, we walked around the park. There was a section of outdoor climbing walls with hand holds everywhere! Very cool. My friend Ned, an avid rock climber, was reluctant to move on. We also got to climb to the top of the blast furnace.

2018-10-04 11.14.28

2018-10-04 10.44.542018-10-04 10.47.082018-10-04 10.49.36

Here are some cool little gardens

2018-10-04 12.03.25

After lunch at a little kiosk, we went on a bike ride to a huge gasometer. Inside was a photography exhibit that looked like you stepped into an issue of National Geographic. Massive images were displayed in the space, all about mountainous and wild landscapes. We saw a few pictures of Iceland which was exciting! There was also three-dimensional model of the Matterhorn.

2018-10-04 17.30.192018-10-04 15.23.16

At night, the structures were lit up in spooky colors.

2018-10-04 20.47.55


The next day, we traveled over to the Ruhr Museum that used to be a coal plant

2018-10-05 11.07.34


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