Paris: I Should’ve Bought a Beret

2018-10-26 16.36.28

My perspective of time has really changed with all this travelling. I would not have thought it would be worth it to drive five hours to spend a day and a half in Paris, just to drive five hours back. But, there I was, sitting in the middle seat of the rented hatch-back, sandwiched between Logan and Ned while Ben drove and Tom played the sound track to Bohemian Rhapsody the movie over the speakers. We had left at 2 or 3 in the afternoon on Friday and arrived at 9. Logan and I found our Air BnB and (as I’m sure you can guess by now) we went out to get food. It was not a far walk. The pizza place on our block looked good enough so we sat down. It’s been quite frustrating to not be able to communicate with people every where we travel. But, luckily, our waiter spoke English. The pizza at this restaurant was actually some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

We had a full day of super-touristy sight-seeing planned for Saturday. In the morning Logan and I took a subway from our place to the Arc de Triumph, got breakfast, and waited for Ben, Ned, and Tom to come from their Air BnB. It was chilly and windy with minimal sun and I had left my warm jacket at home (I’m sure you’re disappointed mothers). Once they arrived, we took a tunnel below the traffic circle to see where it led and learned that you had to buy tickets to see it up close and (apparently) climb to the top of it as well. The line wasn’t too long so we decided to give it a go. The arc was pretty cool and the view from the top was unexpectedly lovely.

2018-10-27 09.25.48DSC_0021DSC_0046

Poor Logan just can’t escape all the tall things.

Anyway, after that, we strolled over to the Eiffel Tower. Stopping along the way to get food at a farmers market. Booths lining the streets sold little Eiffel Tower trinkets, postcards, berets, and other Paris paraphernalia.

The internet informed us that the Eiffel Tower is taller than the Washington Monument. Like the Arc, we had to buy tickets if we wanted to actually walk up to it and climb up it but we decided it was good enough to just look at it from afar. I took a million pictures of it but here are just a few.


Next up is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, which I didn’t really know much about. Still, the intricate sculpture was impressive.


There was this flock of pigeons in the plaza that would fly up and land on people if you just stretched out your arms. Here are Ben (left) and Ned (right), becoming one with Paris’s urban wildlife.


After that, it was the Louvre. We didn’t go inside but walked around the court yards with the glass triangles.


For a snack, we stopped at a bakery and I got a macroon. I wish it had lasted forever.

2018-10-27 17.12.30

In the evening, we went to dinner, then out to a few bars.

So who says one day in Paris isn’t worth it? No one does! ‘Cause it was totally worth it.

Here’s the whole crew 🙂 Tom, Ben, Ned, and Logan.


Stay tuned for Versailles in the next post!




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