Greece: Delphi

Wednesday, October 17th


We decided to rent a car and drive to Delphi, Greece. Logan thought it would be easier to rent a car from the airport. It was not easier. We had to get up and take the subway and two trains (we got on the wrong one) to get to the airport. Then wait for the airport shuttle to take us to the car rental place. It took much longer than expected but eventually we were on the road.

What I didn’t realize until the drive was Greece is pretty mountainous. The road climbed up the side of the mountain with some nice views down in to the valley below.


Delphi is an ancient city that (I think) was where the Oracle, speaker of prophecies, supposedly lived. I assumed there would be some kind of temple at the top, but whatever path we were on did not have any temples to the Oracle. I think we must’ve missed something. A steep, wide path made switch-backs up the slope. Every level were more ruins, temples, and other buildings.

I can’t tell you much about what we were looking at because there weren’t many signs or maps an I also didn’t do any outside research. But still cool.




We saw this wild pig/boar thing crossing the road.DSC_0258_edit


There are cats all over Greece!



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