Lovely Little Beilstein

Hi everyone! I recently got back from fall break! My wonderful parents came up to visit me for the first half of break. We spent one night in Dusseldorf vising a neighbor of Mama’s when her family lived in Germany.

After a day in Dusseldorf, we drove to a very tiny town on the Mosel River called Beilstein. Population: 130. It’s nestled away in the river valley among the patchwork of vineyards that sneak up the mountain sides. When the wind blows, it smells slightly like grapes.

My mom had originally booked a room where I would sleep under a five-foot-high ceiling but luckily, she switched it to a cute little inn called the Hotel Gute Quelle. Our window overlooked a central market platz.

2018-10-15 10.28.16

We arrived after dark and ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. The next day, we took a bus to Cochem, a bigger town where we rented bikes to ride up to Burg Eltz Castle. The ride was longer than expected (per the family vacation tradition) but it was through a nice wooded trail. We locked our bikes and hiked up to the castle.


The castle was pretty neat. Apparently, the families that owned the castles had many important political ties that kept the castle from being attacked so the entire castle was intact. We toured the inside, which was furnished with period furniture. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures inside.

My parents had planned on taking a ferry from Cochem back to Beilstein but the tour took much longer and it was clear when we got back to our bikes that we weren’t going to make it. And we still had to bike back to Cochem. We could have taken the train, but we didn’t. And we biked back along the road, even though there we were told there was construction. Luckily, it was Sunday so the site was not active. Finally, we arrived in Cochem and decided to take a taxi back.

The next day, we went on Rick Steves walking tour of Beilstien, then took a boat tour along the river.DSC_0082

We were getting some snacks in Cochem where the boat let us off when Logan called to tell me that there was a hostage situation in the Bonn central station and he could not get on the train to Frankfurt. Our families were visiting at the same time and we planned on meeting up in Frankfurt so Logan and I could fly to Greece and his parents could fly to their next destination. I asked if we needed to pick them up but he said he was figuring stuff out. He called a few minutes later and informed me that the hostage situation was actually in Cologne but all trains headed south were stopped. Eventually, he agreed to getting picked up and we made our way to Frankfurt.

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