Greece: Hydra

Friday, October 19th

We had planned a big hiking excursion around the island but decided to take a day to relax after days of walking through ruins in the hot sun.

2018-10-19 17.36.30

In lieu of cars, the people on the island use donkeys as their main source of transport. In the morning, donkeys were lined up at harbor waiting to be loaded up.

2018-10-19 08.49.57

There were also cats that would wait to snag fish from incoming boats.


After breakfast, we took a stroll down one of the roads, just to see where it went. There were many cats hanging out along the road side and an occasional trash truck that passed by. Returning to the town, we sat by the harbor and watched the fish swim around. When two big cruise ships dropped off a hoard of people, we decided to head to the beach. A pebble beach just a kilometer or so from the main harbor.


Here is a very picturesque bench under a tree, looking out toward the mainland.


We encountered quite a few cats on our walk. This one was my favorite.


The pebble beach!


I waded in up to my waist while Logan swam for a bit. The rocks weren’t very comfortable to walk on so we spent a while sitting and looking for cool rocks and stacking the flat ones. In the evening, we boarded the ferry (which was bigger than the one we took to get to the island) and spent the night in a very bare-bones one star hotel. For dinner, we went to a delicious place that had gyros. Getting back to the airport was an easy subway ride.




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