A Hike Across the Rhine

Hi! This post was originally written on September 21st but I have been too lazy to post it. Enjoy.
Last weekend,  we went hiking to some castles and ruins. We took a ferry across the Rhine. The ride was short but the ferry captain was very friendly!

2018-09-15 10.42.51

It took us an hour to find the trail. We accidentally wandered into some industrial war house complex and a private residential road before finally finding our way. By the time we got there. My Fitbit had already reached 10,000 steps! I had assumed it was some small trial though the wooded mountains but it actually much more touristy. A wide, paved path started straight up an incredibly steep slope and we were all out of breath. Our first stop was a castle. We thought about walking around the grounds but we had to pay an entry fee. We hiked some more. The trail took us into the woods an by a tall rock mound that looked like a good place to stop for lunch. The next stop was at Drachenfels Ruins. The ruins were overrun with tourists but the view of Bonn was magnificent.

We ran into two there friends and continues hiking with them.

At one point along the path we found a grove of apple and pear trees so we picked a bunch for snacking.


Finally we sat down at the biergarten at Petersberg Hotel. It was relaxing and I ate some pretzels.

2018-09-15 15.19.33


The week was busy with class and excursions. On Wednesday we visited a museum exhibit about play structures which was really interesting! AND we got to play!

2018-09-18 17.06.48

Yesterday we walked around Köln for class, then went to a youth orchestra concert that was a mix of western and Indian music for Beethoven Fest.
Right now, I am on a plane headed for Berlin for the weekend. I am sitting in the very front and had to store my bag in the overhead for takeoff. I forgot to get my headphones out so now I must wait until we are in the air.


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