“It’s an Honor to be a BONNer”

Today was my third day of classes. I have now spent 5 full days in Bonn! I haven’t gotten lost yet but I have successfully used public transportation and said “excuse me” and “Thank you” in German. I love walking through the plazas with cool cobble stone and paving patterns and past random, old and interesting buildings that have turned into restaurants and shops.

2018-09-04 08.27.37

2018-09-05 08.14.08

Classes are going well, but it doesn’t really feel as much like class since the schedule is different every day and we are “out and about” much more. The AIB “campus” is a few buildings and an enclosed courtyard that we hang out in during lunch or between classes. My abhorrent sense of direction makes it difficult to orient my self anywhere but I am slowly seeing familiar places and remembering turns. We spent Saturday after we arrived just walking around the city. Exploring and what not.

2018-09-01 16.41.532018-09-01 16.54.11


On Sunday, we went to a festival. Some of my friends are staying in the neighborhood in Bad Godesberg called Muffendorf. It’s an adorable medieval-looking town with cobble stone streets and half-timbered houses. They have a festival called Muffinale in the street with food and music and shops selling their things. The tiny streets were crowded with people!

2018-09-02 14.24.17

Monday was the first day of classes. Class was uneventful, although it was exciting to be using the train to go somewhere (We hadn’t really used it much before now). Afterwards, we went to the HARIBO outlet and bought a butt-load of gummy bears.


Today (Wednesday), we did a biking tour through Bonn. I thought that 17 students trying to navigate a foreign city on bikes would be a disaster but it actually ran pretty smoothly. We biked along the Rhine on both sides of the river and stopped at various places to rest, play on the playground, and eat paid-for ice cream. It was very hot and sweaty but overall quite enjoyable.

2018-09-05 14.23.20

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