Bonding in Blankenheim, Meet the Parents

Now time to get back to the real world. We flew from Keflavik into Frankfurt where we were picked up, along with some other Penn State and Texas A&M landscape, and driven to Blankenheim for a “bonding” weekend. We had a big delicious barbecue cook out and then walked around the city. It’s a quaint Medieval town with cobblestone streets and half-timber houses.

2018-08-29 09.35.10

Also, our hostel is a castle! So cool!

2018-08-29 09.35.17

The next day, we did some bonding activities at the hostel and other meeting stuff about important things. In the afternoon, we did a high ropes team building course. I don’t have any pictures of that but it was pretty fun!

On the last day, we hiked around in a National Park in Belgium.

2018-08-30 11.38.50

After our hike, we got back on the bus and were taken to AIB in Bonn, where all our classes will be. There, we had some introductory talking stuff. It wasn’t that exciting of course but they had drinks and food for us. Then, our host parents came to pick us up. Everyone was nervous and excited to meet their host families. We milled around in the courtyard, waiting eagerly to see the next person who walked through the door. One by one, my friends were picked up and taken to their new homes, until only Haoran and I were left.

2018-08-30 16.35.53

Not too long after this picture was taken, we got picked up by our host dad!

Our house is in a quite neighborhood. From the balcony, you can see mountains and castles. The family is wonderful! After we unpacked in settled in (each in our own rooms) we were invited to have dinner with them!  We talked and I impressed them with the amount of food I could eat. Then it was time for bed!


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