Iceland, Day 5: Bed at Last!

Today we are driving to the AirBnB in Keflavik since our flight to Frankfurt leaves so early tomorrow morning. There were no set plans or stops, except in Reykjavik so Ben could return his tent and buy an Icelandic wool sweater. However, still determined to sit in a hot stream of water somewhere in the mountains, Ben found a place along our route to achieve his dream. Getting out of the car at the parking lot of the Boiling Springs trail head didn’t really make we want to strip down in a bathing suit. Wind and rain gusted across the mountains and we were all shivering. Still, we pushed on. The hike there was tiring on the steep terrain. With my short legs, I struggled to keep up (as is usually the case). Steam peeked from behind distant ridges. Eventually, we made it over the ridge and down into the geothermal valley. Passing through boiling pools and thermal vents, the hot spring came into view. Dams along a portion of the stream allowed the water to pool deep enough to submerge up to you hips. A board walk followed the stream and had changing dividers in a few locations which protected you from other people but definitely not the wind. We claimed an area of the stream and changed as fast as we could. Wet wood froze our feet and putting on our bathing suits, still wet from yesterday didn’t help. Dressed, we made a mad dash to the hot spring. It was definitely hot. We had to move  because it was too hot, but found a bit deeper area where the cold and hot streams were mixing and just sat and looked around.

2018-08-27 10.35.27

Getting out was almost more painful than getting in. The rain had slowed but it quite windy.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. We didn’t stop anywhere since it was overcast and rainy. In Reykjavik, Ben returned his tent and then went to the Handknitting Association of Iceland for sweater shopping.

2018-08-27 13.37.09

Logan and Ben both bought sweaters.

At the Air BnB, we unloaded everything into a room and just crashed on the beds. A mattress never felt so nice. Also, we smelled feet.2018-08-27 15.29.24

We made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

2018-08-27 17.57.16



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