Iceland, Day 4: Black Sand and Hot Spring Disappointment

We did a lot of driving today. Before leaving our camping spot in Skjol, we stopped at Geysir, the original geyser. Logan and Ben didn’t see what was so great about it but when it erupted right as we rounded the bend, they decided it was worth the wait to see it go off again. We didn’t have to wait long though. After a few minutes, it erupted! This time we were ready with cameras.

Today was a long day of driving, heading from Thingvellir to Reynisfjara and then to a camp ground an hour west of there. Our plan was to first stop for a hike to the Landmannalaugar Hot springs but the road leading to the trail head was uneven grave and required a larger vehicle to safely drive on the road. Our little rental was not up for the challenge. Plus, Iceland doesn’t allow rental of a 4-wheel-drive vehicle until the age of 24. Disappointed, we had to change our plans. We backtracked an hour and instead went to the Secret Lagoon, the oldest pool in Iceland, naturally heated by hot springs. There was an entrance fee but the experience was definitely worth it. Plus, showering before and after was required and we hadn’t had a real nice shower at all during the trip. The hot spring felt so wonderful. A decent number of people waded slowly around or floated on pool noodles. After a nice swim, we got a fish and chips lunch from the snack bar. We just sat for a bit, enjoying the warm sun and the fact that our feet were clean.

2018-08-26 14.11.44


Next stop: Mýrdalsjökull Glacier! The weather shifted from sunny and warm to cloudy, windy, and rain on the horizon. We drove down a winding road toward the glacier and hiked down the trail, hoping to get close to it. A rope prevented anyone not with a tour from getting all the way up to it but we still got a pretty good view.

2018-08-26 16.22.44

And, when we were ready to be out of the wind and cold, we got back in the car and continued the drive south the the Black Sand Beaches at Reynisfjara.




2018-08-26 18.09.42

Dinner was at a hostel restaurant along the road. Our Icelandic meat soup and bread was delicious and so reasonably priced that we splurged on salads as well! That evening, we camped in Hamragarðar. From our tent, we could see four waterfalls!


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