Iceland, Day 2: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

We broke down our campsite and began driving to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, north of Reykjavik. It was a busy day of hiking! Our first stop was at a naturally carbonated spring at the end of a gravel road, surrounded by farm. A spigot stuck out of the ground where you can fill your bottle up with water. Carbonated water bubble up around the spout and flowed off into the grass.

After that, we stopped at a Bonus Grocery store so we only had to eat out for dinner, since apparently we are terrible at finding not super expensive places to eat. As we drove along, we came across a waterfall and decided to stop there for lunch. With our sandwich fixings in hand, we walked over to find a nice little picnic table. People seemed to be climbing up the side of the falls, so we decided, why not and hiked up to the falls.




Another cool thing we happened upon was a crag in the side of a mountain. A stream ran through the crag and we climbed/waded to the back of the cave to discover pieces of a glacier must have broken off some time ago.


In the evening we drove to a little harbor inlet which we happened upon becamuse Ben thought he saw a whale in the ocean. It turned out to be a rock but we still had fun exploring around.

That night, we camped at Olafsson on the Snaelfellsnes peninsula. The view was pretty great even though the night was very cold.

And here are some other pics of stops along our way.


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