Iceland, Day 1: We Made It!

After 3 days, I finally have wifi and a little time to post! So me, Logan, and Ben left for Iceland on Wednesday (the 22nd). After a long day of flying, we arrived in Keflavik international airport at 5:45 am, Thursday. Still groggy from an uncomfortable sleep on the plane, we stumbled through customs, grabbed our luggage, and made it just in time to catch the shuttle to the car rental place. Threw cold was quite a shock after the muggy airplane cabin and we all immediately bundled up before driving to a bakery for breakfast.

With food in our bellies, we drove off! We stopped along the coast of the peninsula. There were towns and light houses. We pulled over at one stop in an old lava field. A winding path lead off in to the distance. It didn’t seem too far so we started off. Unfortunately, distance is deceiving. Our trek along the black, sandy trail was more like 2 miles. Here are the cliffs.

We were still pretty tired and trudging through sand didn’t exactly make it easy to wake up. Eventually, we made it back to the car and continued to Reykjavik-our camp site for the night. Along the way, we stopped at some cool things. Including a lighthouse and the split between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

Above is a picture of a geothermal vent. It smelled like sulfur and the mist got on our clothes so we smelled like rotten eggs when we got back into the car. Then I fell aslep.

When I woke up, we were parked on a street in Reykjavik, about to go look for the store where Ben was renting his tent. Here is a picture of one part of the city.

After that, we drove to the camp site and set up. The Reykjavik Eco campground was probably my favorite campsite so far. It was a whole compound withbathrooms, showers, a kitchen and common area and a camp store. It was really great! Here is a picture of our tents.

After setting up, we went out to find dinner in the city. We got back, hopped on the wifi for a bit and went back to sleep.


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