Priorities and Packing

It’s time to start packing for the semester and as usual, I have too much stuff and my room is harder to navigate than uncharted areas of the Amazon Rain forest. And clearly, I have my priorities straight, filling up my carry-on bag with essentials like my ukulele and not superfluous items like pants.

2018-08-15 20.41.48

Yeah, its a mess. Only five days (counting today) until takeoff! It’s gonna be super weird not scootering around campus and hanging out with my birds in my spider-infested basement apartment but as many have pointed out to me, I will have such a great time. (It’s true, I plan on doing just that!). Also, see the red sketchbook? It’s covered in green paracord in the picutre above. I had a dream that I couldn’t find my sketchbook but found an red sketchbook lying around somewhere in the depths of my dream. So I figured, when Uncle Eli’s in State College was out of regular ol’ black sketchbooks, that the red one was necessary to fulfill the prophecy.

It is AWESOME! I took it on a trip to Colorado with the family instead of a suitcase, just to test it out. The trip was seven days and I fit everything I needed to. Getting it in and out of overhead bins is a breeze. However, It got kinda heavy to carry around after a while and, unlike a suit case, it makes a poor substitute for a seat when waiting for the airport shuttle. Over all though, definitely worth it! This is an non-financially-motivated endorsement for Cotopaxi products. I am embarrassed/excited to say that since the acquisition of the backpack, I have bought numerous other Cotopaxi products, all of which will be coming to Germany with me.


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