A New Kind of Adventure

Hi! It’s my first post about my study abroad trip coming Fall of 2018. This blog serves to document my impending trip to Bonn, Germany (and other places) mostly for my own memory but you get to read it too! I have some exciting news! I recently bought my plane ticket! Folks, its starting to feel pretty real. Before landing in Germany however, two of my friends and I will be spending a week in Iceland! I am so very excited! Hence all the exclamation points! It was not until after we decided to spend five days in Iceland that we discovered just how expensive a visit there can be. To cut costs, we’ll be hopping from campground to campground and, according to thrifty Iceland travelers before us, we’ll also be eating lots of hotdogs. I cannot WAIT to start this experience!

Side note: I bought this cool backpack from Cotopaxi. With a whopping 50 followers, I’m obviously not getting paid to say this. This backpack is stupendous. It holds a lot and makes me look like a seasoned traveler (even though I’m definitely not). I’ve only had it for a few weeks and I think I’m in love. If I had money yo, I’d buy more stuff from them. Anyway, here are some pics of my backpack. There are pockets EVERYWHERE and that makes me eternally happy.

2018-06-13 21.02.252018-06-13-21-02-43-e1528939786177.jpg2018-06-13 21.02.57